Shipping costs

Type of delivery service Countries Shipping charges per shipment Service charge Total shipping charges
DPD Parcel (5-7 business days) United Kingdom 29,00 GBP 29,00 GBP
DPD Parcel Belgium (BE) 13,00 GBP 13,00 GBP
Luxembourg (LU)
Austria (AT)
DPD Parcel Czech Republic (CZ) 15,00 GBP 15,00 GBP
Denmark (DK)
Liechtenstein (LI)
France (FR)
Monaco (MC)
DPD Parcel Hungary (HU) 17,50 GBP 17,50 GBP
Italy (IT)
Poland (PL)
Slovakia (SK)
Slovenia (SI)
DPD Parcel Hungary (HU) 29,00 GBP 29,00 GBP
Spain (ES)
Ireland (IE)
Portugal (PT)
Sweden (SE)
Estonia (EE)
Finland (FE)
Croatia (HR)
Lithuania (LT)
Latvia (LV)
Norway (NO)
Bulgaria (BG)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
Greece (GR)
Iceland (IS)
Romania (RO)
Serbia (RS)
DPD Parcel Switzerland (CH) 15,00 GBP customs clearance 30,00 GBP 45,00 GBP
DPD Parcel Germany (DE) 7,50 GBP 7,50 GBP
We reserve ourselves the right to adjust our shipping fees if due to local restrictions the actual costs considerably exceed our estimated shipping costs. In case the delivery turns out to be impossible, we might even cancel an order.

Please note that for deliveries to destinations outside the European Union customs duties and import taxes may apply.
If your country is not mentioned above or can't be chosen during the order process, please send an e-mail to